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About  Oria ...

Composing songs since she was a mere five years old, music has been a major part of Oria’s life since the

very beginning. She was only nine when she first

picked up the flute and it quickly became her primary instrument. She became a very accomplished flutist

very fast and as a freshman at Westfield (N.J.) High School, held the first chair in the prestigious wind ensemble 

for three years. During this time, she was also writing

and singing her own music and began recording

her compositions at age 14. A year later, she traveled

to Nashville to record her music, working with the

top session players - many of whom show up on

Don Henley’s most recent release “Cass County.”

Her debut CD, titled “Yellow Paint,” was completed

before her 17th birthday and featured 13 original

 songs and one cover song -“What A Wonderful World” – a duet with legendary soul rocker Southside Johnny. “Yellow Paint” received rave reviews both in the

United States and abroad, and had extensive airplay in Europe. Adolf Goriup, a critic with the German magazine/website Folk World, wrote: “The 17-year-old Oria has taken the charts by storm on a debut album.”

He went on to say “Oria has a strong and powerful voice.” He called “Get Back” his “favorite” song on the album and noted it “is a rousing soulful and funky song.”

Currently, Oria continues to write her own music and performs regularly in the New York Metro area as a member of a member of Glenn Alexander & Shadowland, providing lead and background vocals, as well as singing her own compositions and jazz standards and working with many great musicians.

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